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Hello fellow freelancer, I’m Jaz, your Pricing Queen!

Can I be bold for a sec? Ok, cool.

I wanna be the reason you make more money as a freelancer and a creative.

You’re a creative problem solver, a visual translator of communication, a highly skilled individual who uses their skills, not only to help their clients, but to pay the bills.

I know you are, cos I am too.

15 years into this freelance career of mine, charging clients and teaching others how to do the same. That freelance career brings in 6-figures profit each year, and that’s not with a team of staff or high costs to make it happen.

I’ve been helping freelancers, creatives, and designers find pricing confidence so they can know their worth and charge their value and run highly successful creative businesses.

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  • The Master Freelancer 
    My 10 week group coaching program for the frustrated freelancer who feels stuck and craves the next level of their freelance business

  • The Freelancer’s Pantry
    My Membership serving handpicked ingredients and tools for your personal pathway to profit and freelance success
  • First Bites of Pricing
    For the beginner freelancer at the start of their creative career craving a helping hand to start charging for their craft and start freelancing

  • Pricing for Lettering Artists
    From downstrokes to dollars, this self paced, 5 module course helps you turn your lettering skills into something that pays the bills


That extra helping of support reserved for VIP guests

  • 90 Minute Noodle Session
    Got a particularly chewy problem holding you back from taking that next step in your freelance business? Let’s noodle it out!

  • 1:1 Coaching
    Wanna spend the next 4 months working on growing that freelance business of yours into a successful money-making source? Let’s chat!

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