As a freelancer, there’s nothing more terrifying than that feast or famine panic that sets in when things go quiet.

Whether it’s over the Christmas period or coming up to a quiet month, no one likes the feelings that come when there’s not work flowing in.

You want to be booked up and busy, maybe even take time off for your own sanity and enjoy the life part of the work-life balance you’ve built. Shocking, I know!

When client work flows, its amazing. Until it stops.

As a freelancer, its a literal thrill riding those highs. Clients flowing in without effort, work coming out the wazoo and everything just seems to be clicking.

But the moment you can see a quiet month up ahead, or worse, in the middle of one, panic sets in and all bets are off.

There’s something truly daunting about finding yourself with all the capacity and creativity and none of the clients.

It can easily send even the most confident of freelancers in a tailspin, contemplating throwing in the towel and applying for the nearest barista job.

You might be sitting there thinking…

  • I feel powerless! I can’t do anything about it being quiet, that’s just the nature of freelance, right?

  • What would I even say to a client to lock in work now that can carry me into next year? Is it possible?

  • The idea of zero work literally terrifies me, I’d probably quit being a freelancer!

  • When things are quiet, I go in a total spiral meltdown and panic, and I really don’t want to do it again.

I used to get it the worst around the Christmas period when I knew my usual cash cow clients were going on holiday or closing up shop for sometimes a month or so. I’d worry they wouldn’t come back to me in the new year, or if I’d even be able to keep my freelance business running over those quiet few months.

It doesn’t have to be like this! By taking action now, you can…

… start booking in clients now for work to be done in the new year and get paid upfront before the year ends.

grab that extra serve of client work you may have not gotten if it wasn’t for your forward thinking and taking action.

…stack your plate with quality work to kick off the new year, maybe even take Christmas off knowing you’ve got zero money worries.

I can tell you right now, it’s possible to make it happen, but you can’t wait until December when it’s too late!


Well-Fed Freelancer Masterclass

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  • The best way to reconnect with clients you didn’t have capacity for in the past, but can prebook now for that quiet period.

  • How to build a seasonal offer that is productised to perfection and solves your clients problems

  • The value of connections, both to fellow freelancers and potential clients, and how to use them to your advantage

  • What you can do right now to help when times are quiet, without overloading yourself with too much on your plate.

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