The pricing course to help you master how to start charging more for your creative skills in less than a day

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

“I have zero confidence in pricing my work and am constantly undercutting myself to land a job.”


“I struggle communicating the value I provide and telling my clients why I’m awesome to work with.”

Uh huh

“I charge my skills by the hour and feel like there isn’t enough hours in the day to serve my clients”

UGH this

“My non-freelancer friends tell me I should just start charging more, but it’s not a simple as that!”

They don’t get it

“I tried charging more and it felt like I just ended up creating more problems than I solved, and now I’m back to charging the same.”

I know all this because I’ve been where you are now.

Desperate to make more dough but not burn the pie once it goes in the oven.

I don’t mind telling you that by now, I’ve burned enough pies and made enough bitter dough that I’ve got this thing down to a fine art.

But I want to help you avoid much of the headaches, heartaches and hunger pains in the world of pricing.

You are sick of saying yes to jobs you end up hating and creating work that you’re never pulling in your folio because you aren’t proud of it.

Every time you send off an invoice, your finger hovers on that send button, terrified that the client doesn’t agree with the price, or the worth.

You want to make more money, but you’re working as many hours in the day as you can find and frankly, you’re burnt out.

And maybe you’re constantly wondering…

Is it even possible for me to enjoy creating work that matters that others find value in as well?

If so, where the hell do I even start and how do I do it?!

But what if…

  • … you could charge for your creative skills with confidence, knowing that you were charging the right fees, AND you were actually profiting from your creative skills and abilities.
  • … you had more time to spend on your own creative projects and pursuits, because you billed for your skills rather that the time you invested in your clients projects.
  • … you could get rid of the feeling of living project to project and protect yourself from the uncertainty and feast or famine feeling so many freelancers hate and run from.

“Jasmine is a gold mine! I’ve been in the graphic design world for over 10 years and I’ve been underpricing myself for the most part of it.
What I’ve learnt from her about usage rights and pricing has totally changed the perspective I work with clients and has brought my design game to a whole new level.

Jimbo Bernaus | Digital Creator | @jimbobernaus

The First Bites of Pricing Course was lovingly baked for any Designer, Freelancer, or Creative who has ever struggled to price their skills and craves the tools to make it happen.

Whether you’re at the start of your career and just getting your ingredients or you’ve been slicing, dicing and pricing your skills for a while, this course will help you discover more about pricing than you ever thought possible.

Take a peek at the ingredients list…

Fellow menu browser? Same…

Serving differed prices for different appetites. We’ll look at pricing in all its flavours, from Hourly, Project and Value rates, and maybe some flavours you’ve never tried before.

Your mindset is what you bake it after all. We’ll devour the mental game of pricing, looking at why it is so damn hard to put a dollar figure on our skills and actually value what we serve up to our clients.

Now we’re ready to learn how to calculate your crust. We’ll get messy with numbers, measurements and scales and calculate how much you can and should be charging for your creative crust.

Not everyone deserves the pie you serve, right? We’ll cook up the ingredients of a good client and a delicious project, but also look out for spicy red flags and clients behaving badly

There is a wide variety of payment method flavours on offer. We’ll explore how we actually want to get paid and how we can bake more into the deal when it comes to negotiating what’s in the pie.

You can have a finger in all the pies without starting a sticker or apparel label. We’ll browse the buffet and load our plate with a diversified income, to fend off those hunger pains and feed our desire to get paid for what we do.

When everyone wants a slice, it’s time to up the price. We’ll have a look at raising rates and how to make it happen, including the conversions with our clients that we’re now more valuable than before.

You don’t have to eat alone, you can sit with us! We’ll consider the questions that so many freelancers have asked about pricing and freelancing so you know the answers too.

You’re a creative freelancer, and so am I. While I’m not EXACTLY where you are, I do know the “freelance creative” industry very well after being in and amongst it for 14 years.

I can almost guarantee that there’s one main area that’s holding back your success, even if you don’t realise it yourself.

It’s your pricing.

You’ve, undoubtedly, spent a long time and a lot of money perfecting your skills as a creative. You’ve got the gift, the eye, the passion, and the talent. Your work brings people to tears and overflows their heart buckets.

Your work is sensational and speaks for itself, yet somehow your business doesn’t really feel like it’s moving forwards.

“I came across a little pickle in my business, and just like Superwoman, Jaz came to my rescue!

I was very fortunate to have her as a guide to help with topics such as raising my rates and improving client relations and day-to-day operations. Thank you Jaz for equipping me with some great tips and tricks to help my business grow.

Lyn Tran | Lettering Artist |

Anyone for bonus toppings?


Discovering the Recipe for Value Based Pricing Webinar

($37 Value)

Wanting to start charging for value but no idea how to work out what the actual value of a project is?

Well I made it easy for you!

Your enrolment gains bonus access to my most popular webinar, complimentary of course!

You’ll learn how to define value, who it’s valuable to and how to calculate and charge that value so you’re no longer exchanging time for dollars.


My Email Recipe Bases Handbook

($49 Value)

Every freelancer has had those moments; the ones where you stare at the blank email screen, wondering what the heck you’re supposed to write.

I’m serving you the very same emails I successfully use in my business.

Whether it’s pitching to prospective clients, asking to be paid, or firing difficult clients, the Email Recipe Base Handbook basically makes the dish for you. All you have to do is add your spices and serve it up.

But wait, there’s steak knives!

60 Page Course Ebook

No time to rewatch? I gotchu!
Use the First Bites of Pricing Ebook to guide your pricing methods as an easy reference system, right when you get your cravings

Jam-packed Interactive Worksheets

Scrap paper scribbles are so 2020
Use my interactive worksheets and calculators sprinkled throughout the course to bring clarity to your pricing and help you calculate your creative crust.

“I’m the type to panic every time I get an inquiry for a design project, but through working with Jasmine, I’ve learned how to be more strategic about the way I price my expertise.

Jasmine is such fun and encouraging coach. She will help you walk through any confusion, and overwhelm you might have about pricing.

If you’re an artist or a graphic designer who constantly gets overwhelmed about how to price your work, I definitely recommend that you work with Jaz!”

Gielizza Calzado | Illustrator & Designer | @gratefully.creating

You deserve a creative career where you can charge confidently because you know your value, you know who you serve best and you can justify why to your clients.

You have all the ingredients to make this happen,

you just need to take the First Bite.

I’m here to teach you exactly how to set the prices in YOUR business.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Understand the different pricing methods and how you can choose your flavour depending on the job, client or project.

  • Create a better system for charging your clients confidently so you don’t have that feast or famine feeling

  • Know how to communicate your value to your ideal clients and collect data along the way

  • Have a finely tuned “bad apple” client radar and know how to tackle the clients that don’t deserve your skills or time

  • Be confident in the clients you want to attract and charge time and time again.

We’re going to deconstruct your pricing, add flavour and texture to each individual part, then put it back together to create something value-packed and priced accordingly.

  • Over 1.5 hours of bite-sized videos to learn everything you need to know about pricing

  • Audio and Video lessons so you can choose your flavour

  • 60 page Ebook with extra worksheets and content to plan the way you’re going to price your genius

  • Lifetime access and free updates

  • BONUS Email Recipe Bases and Value Masterclass

  • Complimentary Bread Basket Membership within the Freelancer’s Pantry

Have a burning question?

First Bites of Pricing is an online, video-based course, taught by yours truly! When you enrol, you’ll get instant access to the videos, workbooks and resources that you can go through at your own pace. The course is broken up into 8 modules with 30 lessons and 1.5 hours worth of content. Binge it all or take it in bitesized pieces; the choice is yours!

How does a lifetime sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. Everyone works at their own pace and it will be here ready for you to refer back to for mealtimes to come!

The course access is inside my membership, The Freelancer’s Pantry. You’ll get complimentary Bread Basket membership as part of the course, and join a community of fellow freelancers who you can connect with, learn with and grow your freelancer skills alongside.

Unless you’re billing in dollarydoos, this course is for any creative billing in any currency. The numbers are all used as examples, but the framework of how to bill and calculate your creative crust is able to be applied to all currencies.

Still have a question about the First Bites of Pricing course?

Send me an email at and I’ll help in any way I can.