Back when Jasmine Designs was new to the freelance industry,
I burnt a few more dishes than I probably would have liked…

While I was competent at the services I offered, I didn’t realise that there’s a lot more to successful business baking than just throwing ingredients in a bowl and sending over the bill.

The story I shared in the video (above) is a pretty good example of how I should’ve searched for a recipe before jumping straight in.

Thankfully, I learned my lesson, and it’s paid off.

I remember one particular client who’d received a proposal from me.

I knew I wasn’t the only one gunning for the job, and I probably wouldn’t be the cheapest.

There’s nothing wrong with being the more expensive option, but I almost caught myself feeling guilty and apologising for being the reason they were spending more money.

After I landed the job, I learned why they’d chosen me over anyone else.

Even though I was literally twice as expensive as some of the other proposals they’d received, my processes through the entire exchange were so professional and succinct, it instilled enough confidence that they were willing to pay my rates.

It wasn’t my skills that won them over, it was being trustworthy and having a trustworthy process in place that convinced them to hand over their money.

Being great at your craft is one thing, but persuading people to give you a chance is quite another (especially when you’re not the cheapest on the market).

There’s a lot of psychology that goes into the business of persuading, and a large part of it is convincing the other party to trust you.

Instilling trust begins well before they’ve sampled your wares, even if people say you’re the best dang chef in town.

Imagine inviting guests to your restaurant, but instead of plating the food up neatly and sending a flock of doves to carry it to the table, you yell ‘HEADS UP’ from the kitchen and fling filet mignon towards their shocked faces.

It doesn’t matter how great the food (read: your creative genius) is if the process you used to deliver it doesn’t instil any trust.

My point is, landing clients (and ones willing to pay top dollar) isn’t as simple as saying ‘I’m good at my stuff and here’s my price’. You’ve got to prove that you’re trustworthy and worth the risk and investment.

Honestly, if I could go back and start my 15 years in the industry all over again, I’d smack that version of Jaz and tell her that if she wants to start landing the big jobs, she needs to nail the recipe for serving clients right from the beginning.

I don’t yet have a time machine…

so I have to wear the egg on my face and appreciate the mistakes for the learning experience they are.

The good news is that I’ve stuffed up the flan in so many different ways that you don’t have to.


Recipe for Serving Clients

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By following my recipe and adding your own secret herbs and spices, you’ll have them running towards the kitchen, begging for a taste of whatever smells so good.

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