Let’s be honest, the briefing process can be a nightmare.

The constant emails, finding ways to ask uncomfortable questions like ‘can you afford me?’ and ‘are you expecting this done yesterday?’. It’s time consuming, messy, and if not done right, can make the client question how professional you are and if you really know what you’re doing.

Next comes the part where you desperately try to extract ALL the right information for the project. Chances are they have a pretty clear vision in mind, and somehow, you’ve got to learn exactly what that is.

Eventually, after way too many unpaid minutes (read: hours) of back and forth, you finally feel confident enough to get started.

You send off the draft, praying the revision requests are minor and won’t take up too much of your valuable time.

Time really does equal money for you, and constant revisions on the same project is time you could’ve spent on the next one.

The revisions are extensive and confusing. It doesn’t take long for you to realise that every single change request is because the client omitted necessary information at the beginning.

They failed to tell you that their business is 100% sustainable or that they only want you to use chartreuse, magenta, and mauve. You’d really like to point out that these change requests are their own fault, but it’s hard to do that professionally.

The briefing process was also so messy that you’re not 100% sure they didn’t tell you.

Thankfully, there is now a faster, easier, more streamlined way to get the right information from the beginning (or charge additional fees when you don’t).

Introducing my

Bake your own Brief Builder Kit

I’ve been a freelance creative for the last 14 years. Trust me when I say I’ve seen it all. Now, for just $29, you can lean on my experience and wasted time.

It’s what’s inside that counts…

  • My step-by-step, comprehensive ingredients guide of what makes a baked-to-perfection brief, to help you build your own to serve to your clients.
  • Pre-baked and built pdf and Google Doc templates for your briefing process you can steal and instantly use in your own client briefing process.
  • A sneak peek inside my creative business, showing you how I control the briefing process and guide my clients to give me the information I need.

In the Brief Builder Kit, you’ll find the very briefing documents I use every single day.

Each question has been carefully created to extract the exact information you need to nail the project early on. While I can’t promise there won’t be times where the client forgets to tell you stuff, the Brief Builder Kit gives you an iron-clad leg to stand on when they do. Each one is professionally designed and customisable for you and your brand.

Make your briefing process quick, easy, professional, and comprehensive right from the starting line.