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Masterclass served, grab the reheated replay    |    Masterclass served, grab the reheated replay    |

As the old saying goes, it’s not the size of the rate,

it’s how you charge it.

Time and time again we hear that we need to raise our rates, to charge more or ditch hourly, but if we only know how much our time is worth, how else are we supposed to put a price on our genius for our clients to pay?

I remember being stuck in hourly rates and desperately craving more creative ways to price my genius. I just wanted to know what options were available and if it was even possible to charge differently than how I was then.

*spoiler alert* There was so many I didn’t even consider.

When we don’t know what to charge, we avoid it hard.

The feeling is amazing when a client slides into our inbox with a request for us to serve our genius and provide a quote for them to consider.

A client ACTUALLY wants us, we’re on cloud nine, until it all comes crashing down with the reality hitting us in the face…

Now you have to decide how much you’re going to charge them.

You’re now spiralling fast and contemplating booking a one way ticket to complete avoidance. The act of quoting this client and getting the price “right” seems completely out of reach and totally overwhelming.

You might be sitting there thinking…

  • I know my hourly rate, but some clients still think I’m too expensive, so they must be right

  • When a client asks “how much?” I get so overwhelmed I want to vomit

  • Sometimes I just quote as low as possible to avoid the client telling me I’m too expensive (but they still do)

  • If I just knew what price to quote that they would say yes to, I could get back to the creative stuff.

Then after avoiding the quote for 2 weeks, the client chases you up and you immediately discount because it took you so long. Great, now I’m making even less!

If you just knew which way to price paired best, you could…

… ditch the emotional side of pricing , knowing how much you need to charge each client to not only make ends meet, but make a pretty profit in the process.

… pick and choose from the multiple ways to price your genius, because you know which one is the best paired for the job.

… build confidence in repackaging your genius in different ways, because you know what you need to succeed, and can get creative about the way to price it.

I can tell you right now, the way you price your genius can be as creative as the work you’re creating.


Pricing Method Pairings Masterclass

The masterclass teaching you the different ways to repackage your genius beyond the billable hour and how to choose the best pairing.

Originally served Live, grab the Reheated Replay on demand

In this masterclass, you’ll learn…

  • The different ways to charge your clients beyond hourly rates

  • The value of creating pricing that factors in more than just the costs of doing business

  • The best way to approach choosing the best method for each scenario so you know which one to serve (and what to do when they say no)

  • What pricing methods that aren’t suited and why they’re costing you

  • Strategies for pitching multiple options to clients where you are every option

  • How I have used each method in my own freelance business including my decision making process and real life examples

All of this for only $37!

But wait, there’s steak knives…

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So what’s it gonna be?

Ready to get creative with the way you price beyond the billable hour to make more money for future freelance you?