Masterclass served, grab the reheated replay    |    Masterclass served, grab the reheated replay    |

Masterclass served, grab the reheated replay    |    Masterclass served, grab the reheated replay    |

Pricing isn’t just about putting a price on what you serve, but how you serve it.

Pricing psychology plays a big part in the likelihood of a client saying yes to your next project, and you have the power to control that.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many zeros your quote has on it, if you can’t communicate the value you offer, the numbers will be the only thing client will focus on.

And because you’re a smart, good looking freelancer, you know there are ways to persuade your clients to invest in your wares.

Pricing psychology in freelancing isn’t meant to deceive clients.

It’s all about tapping into the buying habits of the clients we want to work with and building our sales processes and marketing efforts that pair nicely with these habits… and ultimately get us hired.

By paying close attention to how we deliver the prices we put on the access to our genius and using buying psychology to serve them on a silver platter, we can influence not only whether the client says yes or no, but what they say it to.

It’s like being given the secret recipe to the family dish that no one else knows but everyone loves, complete with step-by-step instructions for success.

You’ve been pricing jobs so far, but…

  • You’d love to be able to price your genius in a way that doesn’t feel sleazy, but instead feels smart.

  • You’ve tried some psychological techniques like discounting or anchoring but haven’t had luck nailing them yet.

  • You’re worried the times clients said yes were simply a fluke or pure luck

  • When the client starts to negotiate your prices, your legs turn to jelly and you’d like some confidence back.

You have a sneaking suspicion that the way to get more clients, work and money isn’t actually by working harder, but pricing smarter…

When used right, pricing psychology can…

… help you frame your prices in the best possible way, using strategies that help your clients choose what you hope they do, to increase sales and win jobs.

give you an extra serve of confidence when entering negotiations with clients because you understand why you priced the way you did.

…provide framework for you to serve quotes and answer briefs with pricing options that you have crafted based on buying habits and data.

Lemme indulge you in some food for thought for a smarter way to price your freelance services


Psychology of Pricing Masterclass

The masterclass teaching you the secret ingredients to smarter pricing tactics and confident client negotiations (to help you make more money)

Originally served Live, grab the Reheated Replay on demand

In this masterclass, you’ll learn…

  • Deconstruction of pricing psychology terms like charm pricing, decoy pricing and anchoring and how they apply to freelancers

  • When to use pricing psychology tactics (and the times you absolutely shouldn’t ever!)

  • The different strategies to use when pricing your genius AND how to communicate value to your clients to choose your services.

  • When to use round numbers or random numbers when quoting or estimating client jobs

  • How our pricing affects our perception in the market, including discounts and deals

  • The value of bitesized payment plans to entice bigger jobs and land higher budgets

  • How to use psychology in your pricing to win jobs

All of this for only $37!

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