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| Masterclass is served | Grab the reheated replay | Masterclass is served | Grab the reheated replay 

One of the biggest problems creatives face isn’t a lack of time, money, or skill,
but a lack of confidence in their pricing.

And it’s not just beginners who feel this way. Everyone struggles with confidently pricing their genius at some point or another.

I mean, think about it…

When you started out doing that thing you love, whether it be design, illustration, or whatever creative outlet your multi-passionate mind has decided to now turn into a business, you originally did it for the love of being creative.

But now that you’ve coupled it with the pursuit of payment a.k.a. being a freelancer, it now seems to be paired with a crippling lack of confidence on what to charge for it all.

Infuriating, right?

This feeling then shows up at the worst times possible…

  • When you quote a client for a new project that you actually know you would be perfect for.
  • When you share your work with others for feedback, especially when its something you’re proud of.
  • When you need to send that damn invoice after the job is done, but second guess every single zero.

You know what a massive difference a little more confidence could make in your freelance business.

You’d be able to charge more than crumbs for your genius, because you’d be confident in your dollars.

You’d be able to say no to nightmare clients, because you’d be confident that better clients will come.

You’d be able to know exactly what to charge, because you’d be confident that what you’re charging is right.

If you could just get your hands on an extra serving of confidence, you know things would be different, right?


Charging with Confidence Masterclass

The masterclass to give you the steps, framework and ingredients to charge with confidence

Originally served Live, grab the Reheated Replay on demand

In this masterclass, you’ll learn…

  • Where confidence comes from when it comes to charging for your genius so you can capture it

  • The psychology behind why we lack confidence and pinpoint the traps so we can avoid them when we quote our clients

  • A sneak peek into strategies I have used with when charging clients… and made money because of it!

  • Techniques in building confidence that ditch the cliche “fake it till you make it” that doesn’t serve you in the slightest

  • Practical steps on how to approach the situations where you lack the confidence you need and flip the script

  • How to harness the confidence you need to charge your clients the big bucks!

All of this for only $37!

But wait, there’s steak knives…

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So what’s it gonna be?

Are you craving the confidence when you charge your clients, knowing that you are charging the dollars you deserve?

I recommend you get to my table ASAP. I can’t fit everyone around it, and this price is for a limited time only.