Imagine you’ve booked a night out at the hottest restaurant in town…

The reviews are raving, the menu looks divine, and you’re still pinching yourself that you even got a reservation this decade.

Sure, it’s more expensive than the local tavern, but word is that it’s worth every dollar. You’re expecting that from the moment you arrive to when you say your farewell, you’ll be given a truly enjoyable experience.

You arrive, only to find it looks like a back-alley bar.

The floor is dirty, the staff seem like they don’t care about much, and the vibe is just waaay off. The food may very well be amazing, but this whole process has made you scared to even give it a chance. You’d rather spend that money somewhere that gives you an amazing experience from the very beginning.

In the business world, your client onboarding process is just like this restaurant.

Your work may be incredible and worth every dollar your charge, but if your client onboarding has a dirty floor and reeks of rotten fruit, they may change their mind and hightail it to your competitor.

It can be hard to know the right way to onboard a new client and, honestly, you might not even have the time to put a process together. That’s where I come in.

I’m now offering you the very same onboarding documents and processes I’ve used to build my six-figure business.

Introducing my

Client Onboarding Kit

My simple process for setting boundaries and expectations with my paying clients, offering clarity, sanity, and confidence for creative professionals.

Nailing the onboarding experience can:

  • Properly and professionally thank and welcome your new client
  • Reassure them that they’ve made the right decision in hiring you
  • Set boundaries and manage client expectations (super important)
  • Outline all the important details in a clear and organised way
  • Provide an excellent client experience right from the beginning
  • Build connection, trust, and get the project started on the right note

This template comes as InDesign, Word, and PDF file formats.

All you need to do is sprinkle on your seasonings and serve it up.