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returning in May 2024    |    join the waitlist now    |   returning in May 2024    |    join the waitlist now    |

Give me 10 weeks and together, we will turn you into The Master Freelancer™ we both know you can be.

A group coaching program for the frustrated freelancer who feels stuck and craves the next level of their freelance business

You’re at the right table if this sounds like you…

  • “I love being a freelancer, but the feast or famine feeling of cashflow kills me”

  • “I know how to bill clients, but I feel stuck charging the same rates to the same clients”

  • “I have big money goals but I’m still charging small. I want to change but I don’t know how”
  • “Big budget clients feel out of reach to me. I just can’t see myself ever charging more than I do now.”

  • “I struggle with marketing my skills, running my business and maintaining my sanity all at once!”

  • “I’m multi-talented, which is great, but sometimes it gets overwhelming. I’m scared to niche”
  • “I have a few clients I love working with, but don’t know how to keep that quality consistency”

  • “I thought I’d be further along in my freelance career by now, I just feel a little stuck”

I promise you, you are far from alone.

These sorts of struggles are common in our creative industry. But just because they are common doesn’t mean they should be.

When you signed up to being a freelance creative, you chose to create a life for yourself that was different from the norm, that didn’t look like what everyone else has.

You chose this freelance path because you wanted to be a successful creative in your own right, but right now, it doesn’t feel like you’re “there” yet.

This is where The Master Freelancer™ can help you get there.

I’m the one to get you there, helping navigate the pathway to your creative success!

Hi, I’m Jaz, your Pricing Queen, ready to dish out the knowledge and experience that comes from 15 years in my own thriving freelance business to help you get the same!

I’ve helped countless freelancers, creatives, and designers find pricing confidence, know their worth to charge their value and run highly successful creative businesses that feed both their creative soul and their back pocket.

I create courses, resources and content to help the creative I used to be, who had no idea what to price, who struggled with clients and needed that extra helping when it came to running a creative business

And the Master Freelancer™ is no exception!

This 10-week course is lovingly served to help you Master all the spinning plates of running your Freelance Creative Business!

But Jaz, what is a Master Freelancer™?

A Master Freelancer is the creative who feels in control of their freelance future.

They confidently understand all the different plates of their business and have it all under control.

They know who they serve, what problems they solve and the value that they deliver.

They know how to get new work, the pathway to get it, and how to say no to the work that doesn’t serve them.

They have mastered the art of spinning all the plates, handling multiple clients and have found a balance that works for them,

The Master Freelancer knows who they are as a creative and confidently show up as that person on the daily.

compliments to the chef

I could honestly write a novel about how amazing Jaz is and how much she has helped me not only as a freelancer but she has also helped me be a far better human.

In my design business, I was shyly charging $30/hour and struggled to even ask for payment for my work which led me down to just being a complete doormat for clients.

During Jaz’s course, without hesitation, I increased my hourly rate to $80/hour and doubled my package offerings. I am so much more confident talking to clients and I get paid because I sound like I know my sh*t and know my value. I have continued to use Jaz’s mentorship every step of the way of my freelance career so far.

Every freelancer needs their sidekick, Jaz is exactly that for everyone!

Paige | Graduate

A group coaching program that takes the traditional à la carte approach to structured group courses and gives it a creative twist!

When you join The Master Freelancer™, you’ll help set the menu by requesting exactly what you want to learn. Over the 10 weeks we spend together, your request will be served as part of the group coaching calls, along with your fellow creatives, so you actually learn what you want to learn and walk away after 10 weeks, full of creative skills and ready to conquer your next challenge.

Past topics on the menu included…

How to land clients… and keep them

How to find consistent cashflow as a creative

How to set up and launch email marketing

How to automate your client processes

How to communicate value in client conversations

How to build a website to attract quality clients

But that’s the beauty of a group program like this, you get to request what you want to learn in our kickoff call.

There’s only 10 spots at this table… with waitlisters getting early bird pricing!

compliments to the chef

Every single week was packed with an hour and a half or more of super actionable knowledge on sales, automations, website and social content, lead magnets, and more.

It truly was like drinking from the fire hose in terms of value.

Being part of a community of fellow freelancers was also a valuable experience, especially for women in particular who are in the same stage of business and trying to figure things out.

I loved the journey of being part of this group coaching program, not only for Jaz’s amazing leadership but also for the gifted teaching and the answers to any questions that came up.

It was just such an incredible experience.

Rachel | Graduate

As a creative who dares to dine at the table of greatness, you get to influence the menu.

Before the 10-week program officially kicks off in the first week of October, you’ll schedule a 30 minute 1:1 call with me, your Head Chef and Pricing Queen, to put your requests in for the program and help shape the topics you want covered to get the most out of the program.

The Problem

When you join a group program, you often worry of “what if what I want to learn isn’t covered in the content?”. You sit there, cross your fingers and hope that what you want to learn is on the menu…

The Solution

Before we even start, you and I sit down and talk about exactly what you want to learn and bake it right into the curriculum. As a creative who dares to dine at the table of greatness, you get to influence the menu.

compliments to the chef

My favourite thing about The Master Freelancer was the weekly group coaching calls.

The trainings were really in-depth and the Q&A after always produced interesting discussion. It felt like we were all learning from each other and there to support each other. Seeing everyone’s transformations from week 1 to week 10 was really inspiring to be a part of.

I feel I can be more intentional with my website, marketing, and positioning and my entire freelance business thanks to The Master Freelancer!

Paula  | Graduate

You’ve probably joined a group program in the past and felt like you were just another number or another face on the zoom call (and that’s if you even turned your camera on)

I know this is because I’ve felt like that number in the crowd, that person who signed up hoping to achieve the outcomes of the course, only to feel lost in the shuffle. You’re left disappointed, hungry and confused.

Not ideal. Not even a little bite.

This program is nothing like that.

Throughout the 10 weeks we’re together, there will be accountability check ins, in-depth AMA sessions and hot seat opportunities to ensure you get the most out of this program every step of the way.

compliments to the chef

Before I joined I was scattered, trying to do everything at once. I’m very new to having a creative career and felt so overwhelmed! But being part of The Master Freelancer, I learned about so many ways to run my business.

I ended up with easily a full year’s worth of incremental improvements, which, I’m only a few months through them!

But I also quickly improved my marketing and was able to identify a path that lets me focus more on one area I enjoy at a time, knowing that other options will be there later if I want to try them.

If someone was deciding on joining, I would tell them to make use of everything! Get into the group chat, make it to as many live calls as you can!

I now feel like I can make this creative business actually work.

Joanna | Graduate

What’s included in

The Master Freelancer

  • 10x weekly group coaching sessions to keep you accountable, inspire conversation and learn one of the bespoke topics that has been baked into the curriculum by the creatives in the program.*

  • 1:1 session with Jaz to chat through what you want out of the program so it can be part of the curriculum. (30 min)

  • Private group chat access to our little community of 10 Master Freelancers via WhatsApp, where we share experiences, swap advice and help each other handle the rollercoaster of freelance together.

  • Access to the extensive library of pre-recorded topics, such as Sales, Positioning, How to build your Customer Journey and many more to binge outside the group calls. (10+ hours)

  • Full stocked Pantry of Resources access, including templates, downloadables, guides, and resources to help you run your freelance business with all the tools you need.

  • The support, experience and expertise of 15 years as a freelancer all wrapped up in your Head Chef and Pricing Queen, Jaz.

* Group coaching call time will be set based on the majority availability of the group.

By the end of the 10 weeks...

By the end of the 10 weeks…

You will be that Master Freelancer™ who knows what they want in their creative future and how to get there.

You’ll be confident in each step of your process and way less overwhelmed about being a freelancer.

Your systems will be simmering.

Your clients will be hungry to work with you.

Your vision for the next phase of your freelance career will be clear as sparkling water.

You will be The Master Freelancer™, flawlessly mastering all the spinning plates of running your freelance creative business.

compliments to the chef

Working with Jaz has changed everything. It’s phenomenal.

I was part of The Master Freelancer and literally everything changed in that 10 weeks.

From being a freshly new freelancer, newly in my business, struggling to work things out, and felt kinda alone. By the time those 10 weeks were up, I had all the tools to help make my business grow more than I ever imagined.

I now have a CEO mindset. I don’t want to just thrive, I want to continue growing!

Tiffany | Graduate


The Master Freelancer is for any creative who is their own boss (or in the process of) and uses their creative skills to pay the bills. Past intakes have had Branding Specialists, Social Media Managers, Artists, Signwriters, Graphic Designers, Web Developers and Photographers all dine at the table.

Everything you will learn as part of The Master Freelancer aims to make it easier to be a freelancer and make money. Whether thats improving your pricing, structuring your offers, building your website or funneling clients to your genius, it’s about finding the flavour of success that works for you and makes you money.

*Note* Many of the teachings best apply to service based businesses, but also have application in product based and productised service businesses. Jaz tailors the 10 weeks to what the class wants to learn.

This course will be delivered 100% online. Each week we will have a group coaching call where we will concentrate on one of the topics requested from the kitchen. These will also be saved and available for you to watch the replays.

In addition to the calls, you will have access to a pantry full of resources, training videos and replays of masterclasses, all to help you towards building the freelance career you deserve!

Our first official Group Call is scheduled for the start of May 2024. Because we have such a small group (10 people max), we can find a day and time that suits the majority of people.

Before we start, you and I will have a 30 min call to work out what you want to learn and have your cravings officially baked into the program. On that call we will discuss your goals and where you want to be after the next 10 weeks. Every step of the way, you and I will be working together to get you where you want to go.

Before we start, you and I will have a 30 min call to work out what you want to learn and have your cravings officially baked into the program. This will take place before we kick off at a time we book together as soon as you enrol.

On that call we will discuss your goals and where you want to be after the next 10 weeks. Every step of the way, you and I will be working together to get you where you want to go.

Sure is! Just choose the payment plan option in the pricing table.

I offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. Provided you can demonstrate you have done the work and put in the required effort, I will refund your money in 30 days if required.

Still unsure? No worries at all! Send me a message.

compliments to the chef

I’m the type to panic every time I get an inquiry for a design project,

but through this course, I’ve learned how to be more strategic about the way I price my expertise. Jasmine is such fun and encouraging coach. She will help you walk through any confusion, and overwhelm you might have about pricing.

There’s so much bonus content, too! I was expecting a pie but this course is a table full of appetisers, desserts, viands, and more!

If you’re an artist or a graphic designer who constantly gets overwhelmed about how to price your work, I definitely recommend that you take this course!

Gielizza | Graduate


The Master Freelancer is closed, but waitlist is open for 2024 May intake

Psst… waitlisters get early bird pricing and first dibs on the 10 spots… just sayin

compliments to the chef

If someone was thinking about joining the next intake, I would tell them DO IT!

Everything Jaz does is packed with value and well worth it. I always come away with a new perspective or new ideas on how to improve my business or my mindset around it.

This program is a great investment in yourself and your business. You get to help create the curriculum, so you’re learning the things you want to learn with other creatives who want to do the same. It’s not just signing up for a class.

It’s 10 weeks jam-packed weeks of support, learning, community, and food puns.

Paula | Graduate