Building creative success ain’t easy alone, wanna hand?

I’ve been running my creative business now for almost 15 years, served hundreds of clients and made a profitable life for my family.

I’ve made the mistakes, learned the lessons that come with them and can now confidently say putting a price on my skills isn’t something that I struggle with. I know that when I get a job request in my email or someone asks “how much?” I have confidence in what I serve and charge my clients.

You deserve to have this feeling too.

I build courses, create content, and teach pricing and creative business not for myself,
but for the creative I was at the start of my career.

That girl had no idea how to price, she was frustrated charging out hours and seeing no profit, massively lacked confidence in her skills and headed straight for burnout.

Thankfully, I’m out the other side, and ready to share what I know with you, someone who probably struggles with the same things I did.

So let me help you get there!

So what’s on the menu, you ask?

Sometimes you just need to noodle on it…

You know the feeling, you have a particular thing you need to solve or problem you can’t work out, maybe you have a quote for a project that you have no idea how you’re going to make it happen. Book in a Noodle Session with me and let’s get cooking with creativity.

Like a secret weapon in your back pocket…

Building and scaling a creative business isn’t a simple heat-and-eat task. You want to build the multi-tiered creative business of your dreams, you just can’t seem to pick the right flavour. And when you do, it’s overwhelm of how am I even going to make this a success.

Let’s dig deeper and plan our your recipe for success in your business (with me as your Creative Sous Chef of course)

Or you can check out one of my courses

*cue spiel* Hi there! I’m Jaz, your Pricing Queen

Teal-clad, total foodie and super passionate about pricing for creatives.

IMO a creative is anyone who solves a problem in a non traditional way, and that skill right there, the ability to create something that didn’t exist yesterday is more valuable than many realize.

My love of teaching pricing was born out of necessity, often having confused creatives slide into my dms wanting to know how to price with confidence, clarity and condiments.

Almost every creative I’ve ever met is discounting their worth before they even serve their genius, and I’m passionate about changing that recipe for success.