Wanna know a wild fact?

The average person burns 320cals per day simply using your brain, but you spend even more when you’re stuck and spiralling, trying to make decisions and getting nowhere.

Now whilst it would be great if this had weight-loss potential, what it really means is the longer you spend with difficult decision-making inside your brain, the more energy you’re wasting without moving forward.

Cos you aren’t you when you’re hungry

If you’ve landed at my table, and particularly in this chair, this is probably what you are craving for your business, a lil somethin’ to solve the hunger and get you where you need to go.

You’ve avoided larger coaching options, big courses or commitments because right now, you’re pretty sure you know it’s not what you need. What you need is a single serving of help, guidance and to fill the gap between where you are now and where you know you want to end up.

Well, whadya know, I’ve got the perfect dish.

Introducing MY…

Noodle Session

The perfect serving size to cure that problem you’ve been munching on for way too long that’s costing you time, money and mental calories.

For 90 minutes it’s all about you, me and solving the problem served up in front of us.

You and I both know that time is money (not hourly rates, but it’s has value). If you can change your pricing, or solve your problem, in a solid 90 minute session, AND it would mean that you could make more money pretty much immediately after, wouldn’t you grab a plate?

We will work together and discover exactly how to solve that particular problem or hunger, just for you and your recipe, and in just 90 mins.

You’ll finish our session full and ready to take action PLUS you’ll have my support over the next week to ask any questions or review what we create.

compliments to the chef

compliments to the chef

My 90 minute noodle session was AMAZING.

From going over my website, to my instagram, to my pricing, to new courses I should create, to how to get new clients…we covered A LOT.

Jaz is a true understanding sweetheart which makes this convo all the more fun! It’s really clear she did her research on me (my website and instagram) before we met which I also really loved.

One of the smartest decisions I made for my business was working with Jaz. Period.

Liat | Noodle Diner and 1:1 student

wanna peek the NOODLE recipe?


  • 90 Minutes of 1:1 bespoke Coaching via zoom focusing on your particular problem you’ve laid out on our table

  • Any notes or content we create on the call e.g. sales scripts/email templates/reference frameworks
  • Recording for you to keep, reheat and replay at your leisure or just to reminisce on our time together (lol)

  • 1 week of support post-call to review what we worked on and ask any follow-up questions you may have


  • 1

    You grab your 90 Minute Noodle by hitting BUY NOW button at the bottom of this page.

  • 2
    You fill out my Noodle Form, covering everything I need to know about your business and what you want to focus on for our session.
  • 3

    You book the call in my calendar, you’ll get the link and it’s a date!

  • 4

    I become low key obsessed with you, researching any details you’ve given me so I’m ready for our call to dish out the knowledge nuggets.

  • 5

    We spend a solid 90 minutes noodling out the problem on your plate, looking at it from all viewpoints and serving up those solutions.

  • 6

    You get me in your pocket for the next week for when you need support, review of content or accountability for action.

Past Noodle Sesh menus:

“I’m trying to work out what to include in my packages and how to price them”

“I’m feeling a little stuck on pitching a new idea to my clients”

“How do I get more comfortable with sales, I need to get on clients without freaking out”

“I’ve decided to leave my salaried job and I need a gameplan, HELP!”

“Can you help me build a strategy to move “free” 1:1 chats to offering them a paid service, please?”

Whatever the problem on your plate,
you’ve got me in your pocket!

You bring the menu, I’ll serve the solution and we can bake a plan…

  • How to set up a new service, product or offering in your creative business

  • Discuss and plan strategies on pitching to new clients

  • Planning out your price increase, how to tell clients and gain confidence in your new rate

  • Organise your current offers and find any gaps in the market

  • Diversifying your income without breaking the bank

  • Setting up your socials so clients come knocking down your door

  • Developing your Ideal Client so you can serve them on a silver platter

compliments to the chef

compliments to the chef

Working with Jaz has changed everything. It’s phenomenal.

From being a freshly new freelancer, newly in my business, struggling to work things out, and felt kinda alone. After our Noodle Session, I signed up for her Master Freelancer program without hesitation.

By the time those 10 weeks were up, I had all the tools to help make my business grow more than I ever imagined.

I now have a CEO mindset. I don’t want to just thrive, I want to continue growing!

Tiffany | Noodle diner and Master Freelancer Graduate

I’m here to help you discover exactly how to make your flavour of creative success happen in YOUR business.

Your mentoring session runs for 90 mins and is only about YOU and YOUR business. It’ll be recorded and available for you to rewatch as often as you like, and you’ll have me in your back pocket for the next week to give you feedback and a pep talk, like a tiny Jaz in your back pocket.

Best to wear stretchy pants and come prepared, this is going to be a value-packed session.

It’s expensive to invest in yourself, but it’s more expensive to stay where you are.


Let’s stop wasting those mental calories on problems that don’t feed future freelance you.

Make this the thing you do this month to take you and your business to the next level.

Book your 90 Minute Noodle Session now, and get ready for your business’s main course.

A Bowl of Noods


90 Minute Noodle Session

Includes 90 minute session through zoom, your recording to reheat and replay, and ONE WEEK of coaching feedback support access

one month of Noods


One Month Noodle Pack

Includes 2×90 minute session through zoom, your recording to reheat and replay, and ONE MONTH of coaching feedback support access

Looking for more support? Sounds like you might be craving a lil 1:1 Coaching instead. Click here to find out more.

compliments to the chef

compliments to the chef

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I feel like I can actually breathe again!

This morning I woke up in a panic. I ‘m smack-bang in the middle of building my online course and I’ve got 60+ people applying to my scholarship program and I desperately needed a strategy for how to approach these calls making them worth my time AND hopefully converting some into 1:1 paying clients.

Luckily I had my secret weapon, and that weapon is Jaz.

Within minutes, she had set up the call for that day, and I came away with a strategy, a script and my sanity all put back together. There’s a reason they call her the Queen.

Paige | repeat Noodle diner and Master Freelancer Graduate