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| Masterclass is served | Grab the reheated replay | Masterclass is served | Grab the reheated replay 

You’ve swapped time for dollars and spent hours creating bespoke quotes for clients who ultimately ghost you…
this freelance sh*t is hard.

Seriously, if you could get back the time you’ve spent on back and forth bullsh*t and clients being picky eaters, you could comfortably take 3 months off!

There simply has to be a better way to do this freelance thing, right?

Maybe you’ve heard of “productised services”…

Sounds fancy, maybe a little salesy, and as someone who has always been told you need to quote every job differently, you’ve avoided dipping your toe in and exploring what it looks like for your freelance business.

But as you send off yet another quote that you’ve spent hour(s) on pouring your freelance soul into and hoping to the freelance gods that this quote actually gets accepted, you sit there and wonder if there could be a better way to get paid.

You may be sitting there thinking…

  • I really wish I didn’t have to spend all this time quoting jobs and instead spend it actually creating

  • I wish there was a way to win a client, get paid and start the creative part without having that huge sales process.

  • I know I can solve my client’s problems, how can I show them I’m the answer?

You have a sneaking suspicion introducing a productised service could make a massive difference in your freelance business.

With the right kind of offer in your freelance menu, you could…

skip the whole uncomfortable sales process where you’re convincing the client to hire you, and instead create a winning offer that sells itself.

build a reputation for being the go-to person who solves that particular flavour of problem, and end up supercharging your word-of-mouth because your solution becomes the dish everyone is dying to share.

literally wake up one morning to find your next project has already been added to cart, checked out, and paid for in full, all while you slept soundly on your high-quality mattress.

Let me invite you to discover the juicy profit potential that lies within the sweet buns of productised services.


Productised to Perfection Masterclass

The masterclass to help you build, price and serve your first (or next) productised service in your freelance business.

Originally served Live, grab the Reheated Replay on demand

In this masterclass, you’ll learn…

  • The step-by-step method to building your first or next productised service

  • Which services to productise (and the ones you absolutely shouldn’t ever!)

  • The different strategies to use when searching for your next offer AND how to build it from the ground up.

  • Techniques in mastering the art of boundaries so you don’t over-serve and leave yourself hungry

  • Practical steps on how to approach pricing your productised services, making sure they don’t devalue your high ticket items

  • How to go from an all bespoke quoting system to systemised, productised services in your offering.

All of this for only $37!

But wait, there’s steak knives…

Need more than just a masterclass?

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You’ll get a a fully stocked pantry of guides, calculators, members-only content and an automatic ticket to each monthly Masterclass by joining the Freelancers Pantry Membership!

So what’s it gonna be?

Ready to build your next productised service to offer your clients, knowing that you’ve cooked up the perfect product?