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“Every cent I’ve made from my website wouldn’t have happened without
The Master Freelancer.”


industry bake time

2 years

freelance flavour

Watercolour artist in Aussie Flora & Fauna


Homewares enthusiasts who love all things botanical

Chef’s ROI

5x at least
(and counting)

Chefs Notes

When I first met Joanna, she technically had a creative business but, in reality, she did not. It was making her no money and she admits that she was bluffing her way through, hoping for the best. As an environmental engineer, creativity as a career was a brand-new pill to swallow, and one that Joanna struggled to get her head around. With very little knowledge and skill in running a business, Joanna came to my table with an empty plate, just waiting to be filled. Now, she’s a thriving and growing watercolour artist who’s destined for big things. This is her story.

Ingredients Joanna started with…

  • 2 cups of confusion and uncertainty

  • 500 grams of decision paralysis

  • 1 kg of big dreams with no strategy

  • 10 tablespoons of technical skill and knowledge

  • 5 cups of passion for colourful mud (what she calls watercolour)

Method to Joanna’s success

Jaz: Before investing in The Master Freelancer, what problems did your business have?

J: I didn’t have direction or a plan! Even though I was a skilled artist, I didn’t know how to do business and how to actually turn those skills into something profitable. I had no business training or knowledge, and my business was a bit wishy-washy.

By the time I did The Master Freelancer, I’d technically been operating for a year but didn’t really have a business. I had just blindly jumped in with both feet when, in actuality, I didn’t yet have the skills to actually operate as a successful business. I felt like there was so much to learn and I didn’t know where to start.

Jaz: What made you choose me over other coaches? Why did you decide to do The Master Freelancer?

J: I could tell that the program was going to be exactly what you marketed it to be. The person doing the marketing for it is the same person building and running the course, so it helped build a lot of trust. You said it was a customised course for small groups only, so knowing that helped me trust that it really was going to be a customised course.

I liked that it was small groups, I liked that it was freelancers from different industries, and I liked that it was a skills-based course.

I didn’t want something that was done for me, I wanted something that would show me what I needed to know so that I could then go off and make that happen. I find it hard to stay with courses that are generalised because my interests are always chopping and changing. The way that The Master Freelancer runs means that I can say ‘hey, here’s what I need right now’ and I know I’ll get only relevant help.

Jaz: I find that, as the coach, I need to really “read the room” so to speak. I’m always open and flexible with what I teach because I only want to provide the information that’s needed the most. I know that things can change quickly, so if I need to change plans last minute, then that’s what I do. What was the main goal you were hoping to achieve through The Master Freelancer, and did you?

J: Clarity and focus, and yes, I absolutely did. I graduated with a really sturdy business foundation, and I just didn’t have that before. Now I can not only understand what needs to be done, but I can also prioritise it. Having been an environmental engineer, I was new to creativity as a career, and it was a hard change to get my head around.

Now, because of The Master Freelancer, I know exactly what I need to do each day to continue growing my creative business. I feel like I now have the tools to be successful.

Jaz: I’ve actually just pulled up your original Master Freelancer application and what’s interesting is that you did mention something about wanting to educate. So it has always been in you in some way, I just don’t think you really realised how much passion you’d feel once you started to properly entertain the idea. Prior to The Master Freelancer, were you making money from your creative genius? If so, how does it compare to now?

P: I was making money from my creative genius, but it wasn’t the right money. It wasn’t feel-good money. It wasn’t being earned because people actually respected me, it was just…. Transactional money. Whereas now, the money I earn feels respected because I have confidence and understand my value. I can look at the people I’ve coached and see how they’ve been able to go from selling on marketplace to having a fully-fledged ecommerce business.

The Master Freelancer taught me that not everyone’s going to pay you what you’re worth, and just because they can’t afford it or see the value in it, doesn’t mean you’re not worth it. That’s a ‘them’ problem, not a ‘you’ problem, and I just love that mindset.

Jaz: Before The Master Freelancer, were you making any money from your creative skills?

J: No, I wasn’t. I was trying but I was honestly just bluffing my way through, and it wasn’t resulting in any sort of real income. I am now consistently generating revenue and I just wasn’t before. I didn’t even have a website back then; I was trying to sell on Etsy and it just wasn’t giving me what I needed. At the time, I had so many questions about websites, and I didn’t want to create one if I couldn’t be sure it was being done in the best way.

When I graduated from The Master Freelancer, I had this whole website structure drawn up and knew exactly what ingredients my website would need to actually help me make money. I’m only six months in, so that revenue is mostly being invested back into the business, but that revenue is consistent. I have no reservations about the future because I’m confident that when problems arise, I’ll know what to do. I also have you in my back pocket for the times that I get stuck!

Jaz: Yep, you do. You’re stuck with me whether you like it or not! After finishing The Master Freelancer, what has been your biggest win?

J: Oh, there are so many little wins! But if I had to pick the biggest, I’d say the tea towels. I was able to develop and launch a high price-point product (and I’d never done that before), and it sold REALLY well. Because of what I learned in The Master Freelancer , I was able to sit down and create all the individual business steps, piece by piece, and follow through. The result was incredible!

Jaz: Those tea towels should be a national icon! Even my mum bought a set! What has been the best part of The Master Freelancer?

J: The community, hands down. Getting to pick not only your brain but the brains of other freelancers was invaluable. Because it was a small group, I was able to get so much out of the community and connections, and those friendships still exist today. I was looking at other courses at the same time, but they were all much bigger and I just wouldn’t have been able to really get to know anyone.

Some of them had hundreds of people and The Master Freelancer only had 7. Even though it was all done virtually, I was still able to really connect and feel part of something. I knew I’d be seeing the same people each week and it became something I really looked forward to.

Jaz: How long did it take you to notice changes in your business once you finished The Master Freelancer?

J: I’d say somewhere around three months. I needed to take a little bit of time to really process and understand that things that I’d learned, but once I did, I went forward with confidence. When I looked back at where I was before The Master Freelancer compared to after, the change was incredible.

Jaz: I actually think I know the answer to this, but I want to hear yours first. After implementing what you learned from The Master Freelancer, what has been the biggest change you’ve seen?

J: My confidence. I’m confident in my new business, and when people ask me what I do, I’m confident in my answer. I’m comfortable with what my role is in terms of the business side of things, not just the artist side. If I offer my services and products and they aren’t wanted, that’s ok. I don’t worry about it anymore. (Is that what you were going to say?)

Jaz: Yes, and that you’re a lot less fearful. You’re not worrying about making mistakes and you’re not scared of putting yourself out there as an option that people can choose. I remember the decision paralysis when you were building your website and how much it was holding you back. Now, it’s like you see it as simply making a choice instead of taking a risk. It’s a really remarkable transformation. Can you estimate your ROI from investing in The Master Freelancer?

J: Almost four times so far. In the very least, every cent I’ve made from selling on my website wouldn’t have happened without The Master Freelancer. It’s not just that though, it’s also the speed that everything has developed.

The Master Freelancer has massively fast-tracked my business and, without it, I’d still be faffing around, questioning every choice I made while getting absolutely nowhere.

Jaz: What would you tell someone who’s considering The Master Freelancer?

J: If you’re looking for a pre-made, one-size-fits-all course, this is not it.

If you’re looking for someone to hold your hand and just tell you what to do, find a different course.

🍑 BUT 🍑 If you want something that’s so flexible and customised that it meets you where you are NOW, this is it.

If you want a full buffet of help, resources, and an incredible opportunity to network and connect, do The Master Freelancer. As your business grows, you’ll continually come back to what you learned.

The Master Freelancer will keep helping you, long after you’ve graduated.

Jaz: Where can people find you to follow your freelancing journey?

P: People can find me at @coralpea.designs on Instagram or visit my website at coralpeadesigns.au (Jaz: And pick up a tea towel while you’re there too!)

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