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“Without you, I would’ve been burnt out, still undercharging with no idea how to turn things around. Now, I’m just not available to work for anything less than what I’m worth.”


industry bake time

3 years

freelance flavour

Social media strategist for women in biz


Creative women who profit from their services

Chef’s ROI

5 x investment (and counting)

Chefs Notes

About a year ago, I found Tiff in a Facebook group. She was drowning, burnt out, and not charging her worth. She posted in the group, asking for help with pricing, so you know I couldn’t let that go. We connected and it was basically love-at-first-chat. Tiff has gone from barely covering her bills to living life on her terms. I couldn’t wait to hear how she made it happen.

Ingredients Tiffany started with…

  • 2 cups of being underpaid and overworked
  • 1 finely chopped eye for social media strategy

  • ¾ cup of not knowing how to turn things around
  • 1 kg of dodgy, low-paying clients
  • 1 cup of uncertainty around pitching for bigger jobs
  • 5 cups of passion for working with strong women

Method to Tiffany’s success

Jaz: Before investing in The Master Freelancer, what problems did your business have?

Tiffany: pffft, what problems DIDN’T I have! When I did The Master Freelancer, I’d only just quit my job to focus on freelancing full-time. Up until then, Pretty ‘n’ Pixel was a side hustle and I was employed full-time. Trying to freelance full-time came as a bit of a shock, and initially I didn’t realise how much I didn’t know about running a business.

I needed so much help with basically all aspects of business ownership, but if I had to pick just a few highlights, I’d say pricing, business systems (I basically didn’t have any), and just lacking confidence in my own skills. Losing my steady paycheque came with enormous pressure to make this freelancing thing work and I felt like I was in over my head. I had quit my job right before I did The Master Freelancer and I basically had no ‘next steps’ in place. You came along at exactly the right time!

Jaz: Nnnaawwwww I love that! What made you choose me over other coaches?

T: So this might sound crazy, but to me, meeting you was fate. I’d posted in a Facebook group that I needed help with pricing, and you responded saying that this was basically your niche, and that you could help me. I had no money at that time, and literally did no research into you but somehow, I just knew this was what I needed. I felt like you and I just clicked, and I was right. I booked the 90 min Noodle Session and from then on, I’ve been hooked.

J: And I’ve been hooked on you! Your mindset transformation is a standout for me. By the end of the 10 weeks, you had a CEO mindset, and I knew you were going to do big things. What was the main goal you hoped The Master Freelancer would help you achieve, and did it?

T: I guess I went into The Master Freelancer to get organised in my business, get some systems in place, and gain confidence overall. (J: And did you?). Yes, absolutely, like ten-fold of what I ever expected could happen. I now have a system for everything and it’s so much more streamlined.

J: Before The Master Freelancer, were you making money from your creative genius and, if so, how does it compare to now?

T: I was making money, but only around $2k per month which was enough to pay bills but that’s all. (J: quick note for our Australian creatives, Tiff lives in the USA.) Now, after working with you, I never have a month below $5k.

It’s usually more than that and a bad month is like a $5k month. It’s not just that I’m making more than double what I was, it’s also that the work is consistent. There are no quiet periods which is why I don’t drop below $5k. I’m also no longer scared of pitching and then getting told “no”. The Master Freelancer gave me the ass-kick I needed about that, but then I ended up with a client who gave me a fairly brutal rejection. Once that happened, it just stripped the fear away and now I confidently send out my proposals and don’t feel like I need to compromise.

J: I think one of the best parts of this is that you’re not only making so much more than you were, you also know what to do to keep growing. You’ve got this unlimited list of ideas and strategies to keep growing and thriving and building a business that serves you in the best ways possible. After being in The Master Freelancer, what has been your biggest win?

T: The mindset shift has had the biggest impact overall, like the way I run my business now and the solutions I can come up with are on a different level to what I was doing before. From a more ‘tangible’ side, I’ve been able to make real strides in my branding and stuff. I’ve got a great website now, I’ve got great marketing and branding, I’ve got a growing email database who read my newsletters, all of that. I’m now confident in myself and confident in my business. I didn’t have any of this before The Master Freelancer.

J: What has been your favourite part of doing The Master Freelancer?

T: Well, obviously meeting you. You’re stuck with me forever now! But I really liked the community side of it, the connections, getting to meet and network with other people in a similar place. I loved hearing everyone’s weekly wins and found it really inspiring. I’d hear their achievements and realise that I was actually capable of achieving great things, and then I’d go and do them.

Even though The Master Freelancer finished ages ago, now it’s like I have this group of great coworkers that I can trust and bounce ideas off, even though we’re all actually freelancing as individuals.

J: How long did it take you to notice changes in your business once you finished The Master Freelancer?

T: Immediately. Before the course was even done. Basically as soon as I finished the first week and masterclass, change happened. I learned something new every single time we interacted, and I’d start working on it right away.

J: Something I really noticed about you is that you actually do the work, and that’s pretty rare. If you’re not going to actually implement changes and do the hard work, it’s just all smoke and mirrors and your business will just stay the same. That’s honestly such a big part of why you’re doing as well as you are. After finishing The Master Freelancer, what has been the biggest change that you’ve seen?

T: Besides mindset, I’d say the organisation of my business now. My business now is just very organised, and I have systems for everything. It makes life so much easier, I don’t have to make everything from scratch just because I’ve got a new client or a new project. I tend to have a bit of a messy mind, so the things you taught me kind of cleared out the gunk and helped me be able to streamline everything.

Communication is now so much easier, faster, and clearer because I have set systems and ways of doing things. I can send links to my portfolio and links to complete the onboarding process and all of that. I can now show up as the business owner that I want to be, like I have a new baseline of what I can do and what I expect of myself.

So your initial investment was around $2k. What sort of ROI do you think you’ve made from that investment?

T: Easily $10k + so far. I’ve got the confidence and skills to pitch to clients that I never would’ve been able to, and I now actually have the systems in place to support that. It means I’m landing higher paying projects that feed into other higher paying projects and so it just keeps growing.

I’m happy to let go of low-paying, difficult clients because I know how to replace them with ones that serve me a lot better. I’m just not available for anything less anymore and I’ve learned that from you.

J: What would you tell someone who’s considering The Master Freelancer?

T: It’s the best investment you’ll ever make for your business.

Working with Jaz, doing The Master Freelancer, being in the Freelancer’s Pantry, it’s made my business what it is. No question. If I hadn’t done it, I’d still be where I was a year ago and, knowing myself as I do, I would’ve given up. I would’ve been burnt out and tired and still charging nothing with no idea how to turn it around.

Working with you is what’s got me to where I am now. I have no doubt.

J: Where can people find you to follow your freelancing journey?

T: People can find me at @prettynpixel on Instagram or visit my website at www.prettynpixel.com

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