Sounds like you need a Pricing Queen in your life!

Hello my Curious Creative!

I’m so excited that you’re taking this step. That you’re choosing today, TO👏🏻DAY👏🏻 to make some changes and magic happen in your business.

So here’s the sitch. You could take the next year to learn what you need to learn, make the mistakes I made and be somewhat further in your creative business journey, albeit a little battered and bruised.

or you could make a change today…

You could use what I have learned as a result of those mistakes and miss-steps, accelerate your progress massively and achieve the goals in half the time (at least that’s what other students of mine have experienced)

The choice is yours. I’m here when you’re ready!

My 4 month, 1:1 package is $5000AUD, but I also offer payment plans that split that cost over 4 months. Which suits you?