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This is going to sound harsh… sorry

No matter how skilled or talented you are,
when a client is confused if you can help them, they won’t hire you.

Lack of clarity kills client commitment, but that’s just the start…

When it happens, it can cost you more than just the job.

Say a client comes to you with a project, and immediately you can see you can help them with a bespoke project approach. You start your quoting process, asking questions back and forth, and with each email you can see the client is getting more confused.

You know you need these answers to quote the work, but now you’re spending wayyyyy too much time on working out what they want, and now it’s costing you time too.

You reach the point where you think:

“UGH I’ve invested too much time in this quote to let the client disappear, I’ll just quote any number. At least this way I’ll be paid!”

Now you’re panic pricing, overwhelmed by the client questions, and the confusion has spread to you too.

By the time you’ve worked out how much to charge, you’ve spent hours working it out which ultimately won’t get paid for. Shit.

You know that if you had a clearer menu to work from, you could…

…buy back that time you spent making everything bespoke, because you’d have a plan what to offer to who and when to offer something better.

…communicate confidently with clients about the options you have, cutting down their decision making time and getting started, and paid, sooner.

…make the times you do create a bespoke quote worth it, because the other offers on the table don’t suit the client, and they can see that too (and are willing to pay the price).

So how do you create a menu that serves up the different ways a client can feast on your genius while keeping that value balanced?


Your Spread of Offers Masterclass

The masterclass helping you develop your freelancer menu to clarify the ways you can serve your genius to your clients.

LIVE at 7pm AEDT, 27th February

With complimentary reheated replay served

The masterclass every freelancer needs, giving you the steps, framework and ingredients to never undercharge again

LIVE at 7pm AEDT, 27th February

With complimentary reheated replay served after

Serving LIVE 13th April at 10am AEST

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In this masterclass, you’ll learn…

  • How to structure your different offers and services in a way that avoids confusion

  • The psychology behind developing different offers and how to use them during your sales process

  • A sneak peek into examples I have used with clients… and won the jobs because of it!

  • My framework for how to offer services at different levels to maximise profit potential.

  • Create a plan that takes you through your decision making process of what to charge, removing the emotion and getting you paid.

  • Practical strategies on how to approach the pricing structures that help you charge with confidence every time

  • How to develop a Problem/Solution based approach so you don’t have to niche to a client or industry.

All of this for only $37!

But wait, there’s steak knives…

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So what’s it gonna be?

Are you craving clarity in how you serve your genius up for your clients on a silver platter?

I recommend you get to my table ASAP. I can’t fit everyone around it, and this price is for a limited time only.