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Ok, fellow freelancer, I’ve got a question for you…

If you needed to find a new client by tomorrow…
do you know where to look and how to get them?

If you needed to find a new client by tomorrow... do you know where to look and how to get them?

Whenever I run a masterclass, Q&A session, 1:1 coaching session, or chat with random freelancers I find at the deli, there’s one major problem that they all have…

….they’re incredibly stressed trying to figure out how to find and lock-in a steady stream of clients.

….they’re incredibly stressed trying to figure out how to find and lock-in a steady stream of clients.

At the end of the day, your skills don’t matter if your business doesn’t have enough clients to be successful.


Brilliant masterclass that every creative needs to dine on.

So many creatives need to hear the statements that are in the masterclass! It would make the whole industry a better place for everyone to work and creatives feel good about themselves!

My favourite: “Just because a client needs what we are serving doesn’t qualify them to be our clients.”

HAZEL | Past Diner of Finding Hungry CLients

My last financial year of freelance had my profit at 3x my last salary wage in profit… and almost 4x in revenue.

One of the reasons my freelancing business consistently brings in six figures, is because I know exactly what to do to make sure I’m never scrambling for work.

I have no doubt that when you were deciding whether or not to leap into freelancing, this was the biggest factor that held you back.

It’s one thing to be an employed creative with the next project always sent to your inbox, and quite another to have to find it yourself.

While it’s true that most employees have work handed to them, it’s also true that their earning potential is capped.

There’s a weekly wage paid, regardless of how much value their creative genius brings (and how many clients it reaches).

But this is not the case for us freelancers.

If you want the right clients who pay you what you want them to (and don’t send you off the deep end), you have to know who they are, where to find them, and how to entice them to find you.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had crickets in my calendar.

That’s not a brag, it’d a direct result of the habits I’ve developed and the way I run my freelance business, both of which I share inside this masterclass.


Finding Hungry Clients Masterclass was awesome, and so full of nuggets of wisdom (and no fluff)!

Jaz provides you with actionable steps, whether you’re just starting out or a long-time entrepreneur.

She shares her hard-won wisdom freely, and I have already benefitted so much by implementing new ideas and workflows into my own little, but ready-to-grow business.

Rachel | Past Finding Hungry CLients DINER

When I ran the Finding Hungry Clients Masterclass last year, you all told me how much of a game-changer it was for your business.

While I still stand by it wholeheartedly, my gut says you’re either needing another nudge, or you missed the masterclass in the first place.

Either way, it’s time to take action.

I’m making you work on your business now, so that it serves you for as long as you need it to.

So how do you do it? I’m glad you asked.

Finding Hungry Clients Masterclass

The masterclass for hungry creatives that crave a bottomless feast of hungry clients. Learn how to define, locate, attract, and lock-in the right clients (so you never go hungry again).

Originally served Live, grab the Reheated Replay on demand

In this masterclass you’ll learn…

  • How to build you own ideal hungry client avatar
    What makes a quality client who’s worthy of your time? What do they look like and how can you find them?

  • Learn how to identify a high-quality client VS a low-quality client. Explore how different clients have differing value, and learn how to determine what that is.
  • Work out what problems your potential clients are salivating over the most, because these are the ones they’ll pay top dollar for!
  • Build solution-based pricing into your offers so that you can sell and serve on a silver platter.
  • Learn the steps to getting clients to your table.
  • Indulge in marketing strategies like outreach (cold VS hot), networking, word-of-mouth, attracting through content, advertising, and get the recipe for yourself!

  • Know how to qualify leads before you invest your precious time and energy. What problem/s do they have that you can solve? Can they afford you? Are they worth missing out on other potential projects?
  • Uncover some of my real experiences. Learn what I did and the actual $$ I made from those clients.

PLUS I’ve included a 16 page workbook you can download and access to build your own Finding Hungry Client recipe that suits your flavour of freelance!

All of this for only $37!


Working a 9-5 and building my freelance on the side, this masterclass made me realise this is all possible!

Such an eye-opening experience seeing how you may only need to have 3-5 good clients to make a sustainable business, this is so doable!

I really enjoyed the specific examples Jaz gave of clients she has had leading to more opportunities with other clients. And systemising my processes! Duh, that is SO smart! Thanks for all these (chicken) nuggets of wisdom.

Sarah | Past Finding Hungry CLients DINER

But wait, there’s steak knives…

Need more than just the bootcamp? An extra VIP serving and a half?

For just $20 more, you can upgrade to join the Freelancer’s Pantry!

You’ll get a VIP Handbook of my actual email templates for outreach

AND a step-by-step guide of where to find hungry clients on repeat

AND everything else in the Freelancers Pantry (it’s a pretty well stocked)

It’s time to get those clients to your table!

Are you hungry for more valuable, profitable clients banging down your door and saying yes to what you serve?

I recommend you get to my table ASAP, this masterclass has the ingredients to bring the next 6 months of clients to your table, ready to feast!