This deserves a happy dance!

I’m super thrilled to have an invitation to be in your inbox. I promise to bring all the goodies you’ve been craving, and maybe the occasional bottle of wine.

It’s what we deserve…

Hi, I’m Jaz, your Pricing Queen

Teal-clad, food-obsessed, and super passionate about pricing and business for Creatives and Freelancers.

She can shovel an apple crumble in with one hand, while simultaneously bringing in a six-figure income with the other.

Fondly known in the business world as ‘The Pricing Queen’, Jaz is here for all creative freelancers. Knowing how and what to charge is a common challenge in this industry, one that Jaz knows all too well. With 14 years now under her belt, she’s made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Jaz is here to be the person she needed all those years ago. It’s time to confidently charge your worth and make 2023 your most profitable yet.