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Two free slices* of Freshbooks

Grab your two months free of Freshbooks, the accounting software I have been using since I started my freelance business way back when!

You know me, I don’t ever serve anything I wouldn’t eat myself, and I have been muching on Freshbooks for as long as I can remember.

I like ’em so much, I asked them to make me their First Aussie Case Study… and they did!

You can check out the case study video here or read the case study they wrote on yours truly!

But you’re probably wondering how I, a graphic designer running my own freelance business, actually use Freshbooks, right?

Invoicing, obviously…

Every client I have gets a professionally created and delivered invoice, meaning I deliver the high quality service I promise. I can send at the touch of a button on desktop or in the app while I’m out grabbing my coffee fix

Estimates that convert

Sometimes clients need to see what options they have available. By creating estimates that outline the scope, timelines and deliverables that they can agree to, we are all on the same page. Then it’s click to convert to invoice, so simple!

Expenses tracked so I don’t have to

I’m no good at keeping receipts, but with Freshbooks I can connect my business bank account and credit card, and the expenses are generated and ready for me. I can match, send to my bookkeeper and get back to designing.

Offer different ways to pay

Not all my clients pay the same way. Some need project rates, with 50% up front, others are on payment plans and some are on creative retainers. Offering different ways to get paid helps my customers afford me and gives me confidence to charge!

Time tracking for those bigger projects

Gone are the days of my excel spreadsheet tracker and scribbled notes. Each project, client or job can have time marked against it so I can keep track of hours and bill accordingly. It even groups them ready to bill and send!

Automatic reminders and follow-ups

Life happens, sometimes clients forget to pay. Freshbooks lets you set up automatic reminder emails or chat with the client in the platform to follow up late payments, as well as add any late fees. Now I’m not the bad guy!

Honestly I could go on and on…

But why don’t you try it for free for yourself? Two months, on me!

You’ve got nothing to lose and profit to gain!

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.