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Hello and welcome!

So great to have you at my table!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be part of the CreativeMornings Melbourne Crew and serving up my experiences to help you find your flavour of success.

I teach for the freelancer I used to be, the one that struggled to know how to price well, to build a freelance business that I was proud of and that helped me crack the million dollar moment as a freelancer just last year.

I am so glad I get to help you on your journey to find your flavour of freelance success.


Hourly pricing leaving you hangry?

Sounds like you need to calculate a better rate for your creative skills. Using my Free Pricing Calculator, you’ll be able to step through all the ingredients of your own personal pricing recipe and instantly serve your new hourly rate to confidently charge for your next job.


Craving a fully stocked pantry of community, coaching and creativity?

Look no further than the Freelancer’s Pantry! Join as a free Bread Basket Member or upgrade to access Masterclasses, tools, resources, calculators and more.

You and I should dine together, coaching stylez

You know when you have a problem you need to noodle over…

That’s one of my favourite dishes to share!

You and I both know that time is money (not hourly rates, but value). If you can change your pricing, or solve your problem, in a solid 90 minute session, AND it would mean that you could make more money pretty much immediately after, wouldn’t you grab a plate?

We will work together and discover exactly how to solve that particular problem or hunger, just for you and your recipe, and in just 90 mins. You’ll finish our session full and ready to take action.

Once you get a taste of success,
you’re always going to want more.

If you were to tell me at the start of my freelance journey that this would be where I ended up, I know the cliche line is to say something like “I never would have believed you”. But honestly, I couldn’t think of a place I’d rather be or am more suited for.

I spent the last 15 years developing the skills to run my own freelance business, one that successfully pays the bills and fills my soul. I needed to learn how to succeed, and how to learn, so I can show others what can work for them.

Now is the time, let me help you find your own flavour of freelance success.